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Piarco International Airport
Trinidad, West Indies

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Trinidad's airport, Piarco International Airport, is about 32km (20mi) southeast of the city of Port of Spain, about a US$20 taxi ride. Allow some travel time depending on the time of the day. Have extra time when going to Port of Spain during the morning hours, and leaving to the airport in the evening hours.
Sufficient short and long term parking is located in front of the terminal building. The fees for parking are:
TT$ 6.00 (US$ 0.95) per hour (May-2014) and TT$ 36.00 (US$ 5.65) per day (May-2012)
There is a "Departure Tax" of TT$ 200 (about US$ 32) for all passengers leaving T&T. The Tax is included in your ticket price.

The (new) Piarco Airport was opened in May 2001.


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Airport Events
JetBlue arrives in Trinidad and Tobago
The nonstop daily flight between Piarco and New York's JFK will start February 24, 2014. On May 1 Fort Lauderdale was added to the schedule.
Effective June 1, 2012, the Passenger Service Charge (formerly Departure Tax) was increased by 100%, from TT$ 100 to TT$200. The charge is included in the ticket price.
Piarco at Google Maps
Return airfare between Trinidad and Tobago:
TT$ 300 (US$48)
Tobago Airport

We are not the official website of the airport.

Free Wireless Internet Hotspot at terminal available

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